Real Edible Glitter

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Add Sparkle to Your Cake Creations

Bring out the creativity in you with My Little Angel - Cake Decorating and Supplies. We offer edible glitter to make your sweet creations extra special. With their stunning colours and fine-powdered lustre, our glitters make the best add-on for your confectionery.

Our products are available in five fabulous colours so you can:

  • Complement your sweet delights;
  • Add subtle shades and create a sweet twist to your cakes, cupcakes, or other handmade treats;
  • Provide an extra boost to your baking design and serve as the final touch to the presentation.

Our sparkles are all UK-made. Our delectable décor also have rice-based ingredients to make them edible and give a tinge of flavour to your baking crafts.

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5 fabulous colours that are all Made in the UK and can be applied and consumed with confidence to make cake creations truly sparkle – they're made from a rice based product and are edible....really!